Special Education tour in academic session 2010-2011

Mahila Arts Commerce College, Chandur Rly Organized a special Education tour For U.G. Students during 27/01/2011to 31/01/2011 at Jaganath Puri, Chilka Lake, Konark Sun temple and Bhuwaneshwar. Twenty five college students and three Teachers were the Participants of this educational tour. The plan for Journey was already prepared under the guidance of honorable Principal Mrs. A. A. Dixit. As per plan the whole team started for wardha at 7o’clock early in the morning .Train Journey started at 11o’clock from wardha station towards Jaganath Puri. AII participants at this tour was very eager to see the world famous places in this tour. After a long journey of twenty hours of train all reached at Jaganath Puri on 28th January 2011.

After refreshing all participants started towards the world famous temple Jaganath Puri AII were very excited to observe the temple Jaganath Puri .Number of legends are linked with temple and curiosity in the minds of students made them to ask question which were solved by the guide of temple. All prayed to God Jaganath. Then all started for the popular sea coast. Sea coast is a special source of enjoyment for students. All time of evening was spent their. The sea coast becomes a part of discussion and student noted number of things. After sun setting all turn towards the resting place.

Jan 2011 all participant started for Chilka Lake a special place for geography students. A wonder of nature is Chilka Lake, where students and teacher teachers enjoyed boating. The evening time was spent in observing the local street, people culture and the whole day was spent at Chilka Lake. On 30th Jan. 2011 all participant visited Konark sun temple gave of passing time and made all aware about the sun transition. After visiting Bhuwneshver all started return journey with heavy heart with happy memories and reached on 31 Jan 2011 at Chandur Rly. This brief is enclosed with the list of participants and teachers of educational tour.