Goals and Objectives of Society

1.To provide facilities of education to the people by starting Schools, Colleges, Hostels, Libraries and physical, technical, Dental, Medical and cultural institutions. To give scholarship to deserving student for continuance of their studies in the institutions under the society or for any further studies of the special not under this society.

2.To impart, generally to the young generation of India and in particular village youths of Vidarbha districts a liberal and efficient primary, secondary and higher education, embodying literary, agriculture, scientific, technical, commercial, industrial and physical training according to the concept of the society.

3.To train suitable teachers for the above purposes.

4.To train village workers for village upliftment and rural industries.

5.To provide medical aid to the people by establishment.

6.To open free libraries, reading rooms and average publication to run boarding houses, residential schools.

7.Socio-economic developments of rural people in general and village youth in particular.

8.To supplement developmental and welfare activities already in operation under govt. schemes such as community project, N.S.S. and voluntary services to launch pilot projects for starting small scale industries and college industries.

9.To extent social welfare service by organizing cultural programmes.

10.To undertaking propaganda for better health, sanitation and agriculture production by organising seminars, lectures, camp etc.

Goals and Mission

1.To impart qualitative and valuable service in the field of education to the residents of Chandur Rly. and near by areas .

2.To attain community and social development through infrastructural facilities of the institution.

3.To ensure and inculcate perfect discipline in terms of regularity, since rarity and punctuality amongst the students so that they contribute to the society and nations as
most responsible   and respectable citizen.

4.To aim at overall personality development to the students through extra curricular activities in association with various social and cultural organisations.

5.To provide a platform to the students, by giving them an opportunity to face all the challenges of the competitive world, with at most utilisation of their potential in sports, athletics and other events.