Vission and Achievement
Vision 2012-13

It is a matter of great satisfaction for the College that we could submit the RAR of the College in the month of November, 2012 and are fully geared up for the Peer Team visit probably in the next session.

We also propose to start the Innovative Course, the proposal for which will be submitted in response to the advertisement given by UGC on its Website. The College will positively responded to the UGC there is any advertisement for Career Oriented Courses in “communication skills in English” and “Child Care and Nutrition”

Plan of Action: 2012-13

1) For the Faculty:
1. To organize seminar, conference to update the knowledge of the teachers.

2. To encourage the teachers to attend the conferences and read the research papers in the conferences.
3. To encourage more and more teachers to undertake research projects.

4. To open consultancies in the field of expertise.

5. To offer their services to various governmental and non-governmental organizations.

6. To publish research papers in the journal showing our acquaintance with the latest in the field.

7. To give lectures in different schools and colleges enlightening those who are in need of the guidance in their specialized fields.

8. To submit the proposal of new courses to the UGC to be started from the next academic session.

9. To go in for studies leading to the degree of Ph.D.

10. The teachers are encouraged to guide students of M.Phil. and Ph.D. of different universities in India.

11. The teachers are encouraged to publish books and to contribute articles having a bearing of larger social interest to the newspapers and periodicals.

12. The teachers are advised to contribute to the projects of national importance.

2) For the students
1. The students are encouraged to join new courses started by the College (as Career Oriented Courses).
2. The students from Minority Community to be encouraged to join Remedial Coaching Classes.

3. To encourage the students to participate in various social welfare schemes launched by the State Government like ‘sant Gadge Baba gram swachta abhiyan ’ or the programs asked to adopt for social and personality development of students.

I. To institute cash awards to encourage the merit students of the College.

II. To arrange for the students various competitions like debates, symposia, singing competition, etc. to tap their latent talent

III. To make effective use of medium like NSS for character building of the students and for instilling in them discipline and a sense of duty.

IV. Started classes for them for competitive examinations by establishing carrier counseling cell.

V. To launch schemes to enhance their participation in activities benefiting community.

VI. To encourage them to participate in cultural activities like ‘Yuva Mahotsava’ or other competitions promoting folk culture.

VII. To arrange tours and excursions for them.

VIII. To encourage them to participate in various sports tournament at University, State and National level.

IX. started post graduate classes in  M.A. Marathi and Home economics.

3) Development of Infrastructure

I. Special block of Girls’ Hostel to be added through the grants received from UGC.

II. Up gradation of library services and efforts to make library remain open for longer hours.

III. Purchased of books and journals through the grants made available by UGC.

IV. Morning classes to be continued to run Career Oriented Courses.

V . Purchased more computers to cope up with the demand of the students.

VI. Renovation of the old building undertaken to provide better facilities to the students.

VII. Upgraded further the P.G. laboratory of Home-Economics.

4) Other Activities:

I. To encourage non-teaching staff of the College to undertake training in computer courses and efficiency enhancing programmes.

II. To celebrate various birth anniversaries.

III. To upgrade the website of the College.

1) Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the institution.

The goals and objectives aiming for excellence in academic and honing the skills of different constituent factors at stake have been amply fulfilled and reflected in the various activities of the College throughout the year and increased the number of courses imparting training to the students, more active participation in extension activities NSS , wider variety of community services, all these contributed towards molding skills and personalities of the students.

2) New Academic Programmes initiated:

The College has successfully implemented the scheme of Remedial Coaching Classes for SC , ST students.

3) Innovations in Curricular design and transaction:

Prof. Vijay D. Kapse   as Faculty of Board of Economics
Studies in S.G.B. Amravati University also were instrumental in Curriculum designing. As a member of the Board of Studies took active part in framing the syllabi of different courses in Amravati Universities.

Dr.G.S.Wele published book on Sant Tukdoji Maharas on social and religious thought.

4) Details of Research Scholars:

Following teachers of the College have been recognized by S. G. B. Amravati University as Ph. D. holders.

  • Dr.G.S. Wele
  • Dr. Sau. S.S.Jagtap
  • Dr. Mr.P.P.Dande
  • Dr. A.S .Wankhade

Registered for Ph.D.

Sr.No. Name subject subject University Status Topic
1. Mr. V.D.Kapse Economics S.G.B. Amravati University registered
2. Sau. V.S.Bhoyar Marathi S.G.B. Amravati University registered

5) Community Services

The College has got a very active unit of NSS which undertook so many programmes of social benefit and community services.At least on two occasion’s tree plantation programmes were undertaken. To create awareness about tree plantation, a rally was also organized by S.G.B. Amravati University, in which the students of the College participated wholeheartedly.

The NSS students of the College also took part in the camp organized by S.G.B. Amravati University from in which was undertaken the programmes to benefit the  women farmers and villagers  in villages.

A rally was taken on 1st December, 2012  on the occasion of the World Aids’ Day to spread awareness about this deadly disease in collaboration with PHC Chandur-Rly .

A programme on Women Empowerment was also held on the occasion of the Birth Anniversary of Savitribai Fule. Prof. Asha Dikkar   guided the students on this occasion.
To mark the Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekanand, many competitions / Programme was organized under the chairmanship of Principal A.A.Dixit  the Principal of the College.

6) Computerization of administration and the process of admissions and examination results, issue of certificates

The College has already its website Office computerization has already been undertaken. The data of admission of students, the fees paid by them and their progress in Test examination are saved in the computers. However, the annual examination is conducted by the University and therefore, the marks sheets of the students’ annual examination are prepared by the University which are subsequently distributed to the students through the College Office.

7) Increase in the Infrastructural Facilities:

The College is situated on its own land of more than six acres. In all there are separate blocks. The College has separate blocks for the office and the chamber of the Principal. All the post-graduate departments of the College have the cabins for heads, laboratories and separate classrooms. A building of the Library with more than 5000 books is a matter of pride for us.

Hostel for Girls  and spacious classrooms built to UGC specifications are the special features. Besides the existing Girls’ Hostel, an extension is fast coming up to accommodate more than 75 girls which will strengthen our claim as the institution is a tool of social reform.  The College was founded in old building so , lot of renovation is required to be performed.

8) Technology Up gradation:

The College, at present, is having some 30 computers for the students. Complete computerization of the Library record has already been done. Besides, the College is having sophisticated electronic equipments like LCD projector, tape recorder, laptop and cassettes for increasing the language proficiency of the students. Internet facility is also provided to the students.

9) Computer and internet access and training to teachers and students:

The College, through its link to broadband facility, offers internet service to the staff and its students.Maximum number of non-teaching staff has passed the MSCIT examination.

10) Financial Aid to Students:

All the scholarships and free ships introduced by the Government of India and Government of Maharashtra are offered to the students. These include concession to Economically Backward Classes, Govt. Open Merit Scholarship, National Scholarship Scheme, Scholarship for Handicapped Students, Scholarship to the Wards of Primary and Secondary Teachers, Student Aid Funds, Freedom Fighter Scholarship, Govt. of India Scholarship, etc.

The important thing to mention here is that the teaching staff of the College through its salary offers cash prizes to meritorious students to encourage them to excel in studies.

11) Health Services :

Every year the College conducts medical examination of the girls. Physical efficiency tests are also conducted every year. the College is expecting an independent gym and other health services, it has a positive impact on keeping the students healthy,  the attempts are made to make it available it  in future.

12) Performance in Sports Activities:

The College has an inaculate reputation of excellence as far as performance in Games and Sports are concerned. From amongst the Colleges affiliated to S.G.B. Amravati University, this College has a  participation in terms of number of students and number of teams.

13) Students Achievements and Awards:

We are very proud to announce that at least 03 students of our College found
1. Ku. Poonam Jaganth Shende                      B.A. I                 92%
2. Ku. Manisha Vandishrao Ambapure           B.A. II                80%
3. Ku. Manisha Diliprao Yelane                        B.A. III               79%

GEOGRAPHY department awarded them prize of 500 rupees each of them for above students three

In Homeeconomics Ku.Reshmi Madhukar Khedkar scored 76%  and become a recipient of congratulations

Details regarding the plan of the institution for the next year 2012-13 The action plan of the previous year was to a large extent executed. Some changes had to be made in consonance with the demands of the time and a craze for a particular course and subject of the students. Our effort was in the direction of starting the courses which cater to the diverse needs of the society. The whole effort was inspired by a sense of dynamism and as a part of the continuity of our initiative. We propose to start the following courses in the session 2012-13 (subject to the approval of UGC and Govt. of Maharashtra).

(1) To start some more Career Oriented Courses as per the needs of the students.

(2) To submit the proposal of M.A. in Sociology

(3) To buy equipments and books from the grants the College is to receive from UGC.

With these proposals, the College is sure to achieve the benchmarks of distinction in the near future in our upward journey of academic development.